Quarrata Town Council, owner of Villa La Magia, manages the use of the Villa, and, in order to valorise it in the course of time, opens it for Private Hire, Weddings, Functions. Since the Villa is a public property, its “magnificent” past must be respected, so Quarrata Town Council determined a user policy for Villa La Magia, that you can find here (only in Italian).

Requests for use of the spaces must be handed to the Council “Ufficio Protocolli”, using this form (only in Italian).

For uses different from those listed above, the customer must present a request in unstamped paper to the Council “Ufficio Protocolli”. However, we advise to pre-emptively address the Council offices.

In the event that the customer requires catering service as well, he/she shall address to the service company winner of the ITB for years 2014/2017.

Please note that, about the catering service solely, the customer shall contact directly the service company, dealing in with them about service prices.

About additional services the customer may need during the course of the event (florist, photographer, assemblers/organizers, lights, music, valet parking, hostesses, and so on), the customer shall address to his/her own suppliers. However, suppliers must follow the instructions given in Villa La Magia users regulation, especially in regard to the respect for the structure and for the supplied equipments.