Villa La Màgia represents our historical and emotional memory. The Villa lies in the central part of a large green area and, since the age of the battles between the Guelphs and the Ghibellines, she has been looking at us from her hill.

During the course of time, the original tower has become a superb Villa, once property of the world famous Medici family, which embellished her with the help of famous architects, among them Bernardo Buontalenti. Since then, the Villa has undergone many decorative interventions and our ancestors taught us that immense equilibrium and passion were necessary to make a place fascinating.

Villa La Magia represents a good balance between Nature and human work. One can easily see this today as well, coming from the traffic noise and the everyday stress to a spot of silence and harmony.

Since 2005 Villa La Magia hosts a contemporary park of environmental art, enriching the historic gardens with works of art by Fabrizio Corneli, Anne and Patrick Poirier, Marco Bagnoli, Hidetoshi Nagasawa and Maurizio Nannucci, who were guests hospitality in the Villa and interpreted their perception of the “genius loci” – the spirit of the place- with extraordinary works of art: a vision of a grand home of the past seen with the eyes of a contemporary artist.

The work continuates so that: soon, when the boardrooms are opened after the restoration, the eighteen century masterpieces by evocative artists such as Domenico Ferretti will be visible again. Every third Sunday of the month Villa La Magia is open to the guests who want visit her rooms, the historic eighteen century garden or the Permanent contemporary Art Collection.

Near The Villa there is a new playground, where children can play (and adults can relax) in the shadows of thousand year old trees.



Sabrina Sergio Gori
Mayor of Quarrata