Nursery school visits

Everyday living, pastimes and fun in the villa

An actress, dressed in period costume and posing as a noblewoman, will tour the class in an interesting visit through the historic garden. The guide will portray to the class the personalities who lived in the Villa, their everyday life and the pastimes they had while living in the Villa.

Itineraries for schools, families, groups

Art, Magnificence and History of a Medicean Villa

The itinerary favours the reading of the place from three main points of view: the artistic, the historical and the social ones. Focusing especially on the architectural structure of the Villa and on the transformations the manor experienced during the course of time- from “country house” of a nobleman to Renaissance, and then Baroque, residence- on the magnificence of the rooms, the sumptuous furnishing and decorations, as well as the talent of the artists who worked in the Medicean residence. [COMING SOON]

The Baroque decoration: stories of myths and heroes

The analysis of the frescoes which decorate the Villa boardrooms allows to explore the allegoric contents and the typical Baroque decoration style. The stuccos are integral part of that set as well, they take up the turgid and curvilinear patterns of the pictorial decoration, highlighting, with their white colour, the frescoes bright shades. [COMING SOON]

Visit to the Villa La Magia historic gardens and to the Permanent Contemporary Art Collection

An in- depth analysis on the scenery and the different garden typologies present on the residence grounds expands the historical- artistic visit. This splendid open pit museum was enriched with works by Fabrizio Corneli, Anne and Patrick Poirier, Marco Bagnoli and Hidetoshi Nagasawa.

A day in the Villa

The itinerary allows to involve the visitors in a tour through not only the personalities who owned the Villa, their pastimes and the “resort” parts of the Villa, but also the part of the property which were once a farm, aided by the pictures and the furniture still adorning the superb residence. [COMING SOON]

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